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Man has different needs in the areas: PHYSICAL BODY, INTELLECTUALITY, and SPIRITUALITY.



Everyone has to eat to survive. When we feel hungry we look for food to eat. When we are hungry, we feel uncomfortable and rake in the gut. Anything appears in your mind you will crave. If you starve in a few days, you can die. Everyone is scared when they think about death.

Physical hunger is a very natural thing and it automatically motivates us to find physical food. There is no need for anyone to urge or motivate.


Everyone wants to learn more about a thing. Kids are curious to ask about things around them. When they grow up they have to go to school even though they don't always like to study, but they must follow the momentum of peers. They need to learn to get a good job in the future. Many adults still learn more because of the social movement. Others are genuinely passionate about scientific research and space exploration. ... These are spiritual dishes that bring us satisfying things for life. This is not a dish for the stomach so it depends on the demand of each person.


Whether we believe in the soul, but we do not feel our soul knows hunger? The soul needs food but it does not naturally feel hungry like a hungry stomach. Besides, the soul is not hungry in the manner of the intellect driven by the surrounding social movement to seek a job or to satisfy the intellect. We have to train the Soul to starve. First, we must realize that the Soul is the noblest part of man because man has a soul, so he surpasses everything else. By the soul, we know what is good or not. Innately, the Soul to the good but without proper nourishment, we can be led to evil. It means that we have to nourish the Soul so that we not only go on track but also have to reach the height of virtue. That is a duty.

As Christian, it is difficult for us to keep morality at a minimum if it is even more difficult to reach the moral height. We want to avoid sin but still fall, do a good thing, but we are still lazy. Sometimes we just keep the religion to the fullest. Going to the Mass on Sundays but not seeing any difference, still, every sermon is the same, and then going home is as bad as in everyday life. Nothing changes…


For Catholicism, the Mass is at the heart of the Church's vitality. In the Mass, the Lord comes to us through the word of God and the highest point of God's appearance by his own body in the Eucharist.

How many articles about the Mass are very profound but in folk, the question, "I can worship God everywhere, why should I go to Mass?" still sets in the daily question. Perhaps because the articles about the Mass and Eucharist are still unconnected, we don't realize that the Eucharist is in the Mass, and we see the Mass as a play that must be attended negatively, and we don't realize the worth of the Mass.

We can hear the word of God in many places but the Mass has Christ himself by Flesh and Blood. Only Catholicism has the Eucharist at the Mass and God is truly present in the Eucharist as he promised.


The Lord is Love. God is almighty. Because of Love, he instituted the Eucharist to remain with us. Because he is omnipotent, he can do anything.

In the Gospel, the Lord speaks many times with different verses about the Eucharist: My flesh is food and my blood is drink. Anyone who eats my flesh and drinks my blood, he abides in me, and I am in him. There are many other similar sentences. Understanding by literal meaning that God will cut every piece of Lord's flesh and give it to each Jew standing by then, this meaning is too narrow. We should understand that God speaks to all of us every time. Because God's redemption is not only just for the Jews but also all humanity.


Please mention here some typical miracles:

1. God transformed water into wine at Canna's wedding. People saw water become wine. The visual appearance was still water, but in fact, it turned into wine. Water and alcohol materials can be verified.

2. God did miracles with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes for five thousand people. Bread and fish are objects that can be verified visually. Disciples distributed bread to the 5,000 people. They are not only full but also redundant. All of these miracles have the same fact that the materials at the beginning before transformation are natural materials, visible, verifiable. But, after transformation is still verifiable. These are two of the many miracles that claim to have made the bread and wine into his body and blood. Taking these two miracles as a typical example to explain about the Lord instituted the Eucharist:

At the Last Supper, Christ took the bread and said, "This is My Body." Then held the glass: "This is my Blood." Because the miracles mentioned above demonstrate the power of God, so we can easily believe that bread and wine become Christ's Flesh and Blood.

In summary, we can prove that:

1. Miracles transformed water into wine that can be verified visually: variant material and smell, taste.

2. The miracle of 5 fishes can be verified visually: the material becomes still tasting, edible.

3. The Eucharistic miracle still in its material form that is bread and wine, without taste like flesh and blood, but the many previous miracles that proved the power of the Lord, it must be believed that bread and wine which God who hides in bread and wine. At the party, Lord continued: "Let do this in memory of me". From this command, we have Christ's Eucharist today in Mass. God wants us to attend the Mass and receive Christ's Eucharist so that he can come to us. The Lord speaks in many times of the desire to invite us to eat His Flesh and drink the Blood, so he may live with us and let us live in Him. Lord's desire, "I will be with you every day to the end of the world".


In several areas:

1. The relationship between the Mass and the Eucharist is "two but one", and only Catholicism has the Eucharist. And we must attend the Mass if we want to meet the Eucharist.

2. Demonstrate the bread and the wines are Lord's Flesh and Blood by the power and love of God.

3. Another reason, we must attend the Mass because we are members of the Church or parish, so when we attend the Mass we also participate in community activities.

LOVE is a noble action we can start from the lower step which LOVES PEOPLE

1. Recognize that we are human, so we must live with dignity, a duty of self-cultivation.

2. Awareness of duty to the family according to the status of parents, relatives, descendants.

3. Awareness of duty to others, fair treatment, a charity for all people, sharing with those around them. Especially when we are materially abundant and if God gives us knowledge, we must know how to serve others.

Loving yourself and loving people are more specific. Once we become acquainted with the moral consciousness between people, it is easier for us to turn to the sense of duty between us and the Lord. We feel the love of God and impact our hearts to respond to it.

When we are aware of our duties to one another, it is easy for us to move on to our stage with God. At this stage, the meditations on the Eucharist will help us greatly in fostering the love of the Eucharist. We will easily feel that if we do not attend the Mass we will feel hungry even though the Mass is the same but no longer bored. Just like we eat rice every day, but we feel not bored with rice.


I just know the simple explanation mention here and the rest is by each of us with God.

The summary words:

1. We have an obligation to the spiritual life, this life, and the next.

2. The body we need to eat by the stomach automatically warns but our souls know if it is due to consciousness and cultivation.

3. Contemplating the words of God that invite us to eat His Flesh and drink His Blood so that God may live in us. We can feel Lord's expectations and it will help us to respond to His love.

4. If we try a little to instill a sense of duty and morality every day, we will reach an automatic state, and we can act as good actions as a habit.

5. An easy experience is to choose some spiritual songs or prayers that you like then install them on your device and watch them automatically to wake up in the morning. These songs help cheer us up from the first moment we wake up and inspire us to pray easily.

Nguyen That-Khe

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