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Subject: Response to the article: “White Americans say they are waking up to racism”.By Amy Hartman

For a while, after reading the above article, I have felt so moved, almost crying.

The first reason that this article makes me moved is that I have prayed and also kept influencing others to behave properly with each other in daily life.

The 2nd reason is that the article reminds me of my own experience for the last many decades even before we came to the USA. This means from the time I was in Vietnam working for the American. I was working for the Americans with different classes with soldiers in the battle zone and then with the high class of white-collar in the American Embassy. I experienced a different attitude from the American to me and my coworkers, we could feel the attitude of discrimination. Then since our coming here to the US in 1975, we have also experienced the same.

I do not and had never complained, I appreciate all the good things I received from this country. I accept a negative attitude that sometimes happened to me and each time I have tried to adjust myself to the situation and pray that someday we all see through the difference in life and making changes.

The phrase in the article: “… The white people say this is the first time they realize how bad it is” … Is it my prayer come true? I know a lot of religious people pray that we must love the other as ourselves… but I could only pray, realistically, that we accept each other as we are: You don’t have to love me if I were bad but just accept me as I am and help me changes…

The White could have the privilege of garnering some professional advantage because most of you are hard-working and more intelligent, however, this land of “milk and honey” is not made just for you. You may have come before all the other skins but still, we all come after Columbus (to overturn the Columbus statue - unless the history of him was all wrong - is not appropriate).

Now is a good time for all of us to conduct ourselves with proper behavior to deeply understand each other and to take this golden time to adjust our lives with all other skins.

When my family first came to the USA in 1975, I kept telling my children (8) over and over again that people may look down on you because of your skin but one thing you can do and must do is to try your very best to achieve your school and then your job, improve your conduct and behavior so that if people look down on your skin, they must respect you because of your personality and dignity. Today, looking back from day one, we have never been a burden to this society, and instead, we could say that we have contributed a good part to this society including paying a high level of all kinds of taxes and perform the duty of a citizen in a good manner.

“Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter “.

I wish that my opinion makes sense to someone.

Quinn Nuyen

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