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Re. Cardinal Burke and Latin Mass on CWR 23Jul 21.

Latin Mass and what is behind it.

Re. Cardinal Burke and Latin Mass on Catholic World Report, 23Jul 21.

At a glance through all the articles in the CWR the week of 23 Jul 2021, one could see that most articles are focusing on one subject: Latin mass. This is nothing new, it has been discussing for years (and luckily this is the problem only in the Western countries).

First reason: The Latin Mass represents the old tradition of the Church, to hold back the Latin mass is to deny the Vatican II and which is to deny all the changes in today’s church.

Second reason: People who have always criticized Pope Francis for whatever reason are always watching the Pope find every reason to attack him.

Reading this article of Cardinal Burke questioning Pope Francis’s authority makes me remember the story years ago when Cardinal Burke got into an argument with cardinal O’Malley on the subject of Sen. Ted Kennedy’s funeral… At the time, some people also questioning if Cardinal Bucky has authority over cardinal O’Malley… and the improper language used by Cardinal Burke…

The Church has been changing since Pope John Paul II who had initiated a new wave of directions into Church life such as:

- He initiated the program of New-evangelization and re-evangelization (for this, he received some criticisms).

- By setting up the Sunday feast of God Mercy, he started up a new look in Church teachings.

- He is the first Pope who changed several cardinals to be Universal.

- He is the first Pope who had asked the world for pardon because of mistakes by some Church’s members (for this, some members close to him have criticized him).

From all of the above, we could see his direction of changing in today's life, we are glad to hear more about God's mercy and love instead of using all images of hell and condemnation as before.


Going backward, the idea of changing has started by Pope John XXIII with Vatican II and since then there were disagreements and divisions between some Fathers of the church. Then today, Pope Francis with much more changing and therefore more division.

Could we hold on to the current church teachings forever? Are all church teachings infallible? Church’s teachings have been changed over time, but till today, many rules in the area of family life are unbearable, especially for the poor class of people.

Also, we need a new update in our Bible’s explanation, from creation and on…

We humbly ask you to open your point of view to this current world for the sake of unity and the new evangelization. Look outward to the world and downward to the poor and see so many things that need changes: Corruption, un-justice, killings, gun control, poverty… they are part of our responsibility.

The truth is only one but we could not claim that we know the whole truth until the next life.

Have pity on us.

Quinn Nuyen

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