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Questions about Christ’s Resurrection.

Today, the growth of IT industry has changed lives in many social areas. In the religious realm, young generation also wants to find explanations that are more appropriate for the times.

Many questions, for example: Explanation of the Christ’s Resurrection, etc.


The subject of Christ’s Resurrection is too big and too difficult to explain in theory or science so I would use an indirect approach to contribute meaning: Catholics believe in Christ’s Resurrection because they already have faith in the Creator and in the Church.

There are many things in life that I believe without seeing, for example, I have never seen the US President but I believe in the media who spread the news; I don't know how the Universe is but I believe in NASA. There are many things I don't know but I still believe because of reliable, trustworthy sources.

Our faith in Christ’s Resurrection is from the Church’ teaching and the Church is a respectable organization (please understand the phrase Church as Universal, not individuals).

The identity of the Church, established by God, is holy. If "Good tree produces good fruit" then the Church is a good, reliable, respectable tree, the Church, with 2000 years of history, has devoted to humanity the achievements in education and health: Schools, hospitals, orphanage, leper camps, and handicapped areas in all parts of the world.

Millions of people have sacrificed for their ideals, leaving a peaceful life to serve the poor and distant countries, accepting hardships and dangers including death.

In addition to my belief in the holiness of the Church, I believe in the treasure of Scripture and the reputation system of divine learning ...

In order to believe in the resurrected Jesus Christ, we go backward to the origin: From Old Testament, we find and believe in the Creator, who created mankind and gave His Son Christ into the world to redeem sinners. We believe in the Bible (not with the vision of today's culture). The Bible is not set up by a person or an organization, but by many authors, many sources and also through many refinements.

Let me outline a few things about the credibility of the Bible as follows: The scriptures (Old Testament) have been formed for thousands of years by many different characters, stretching for thousands of years, both in time and space but all write around to a character who is a Creator.

In terms of form, material and text of the Old Testament, it was examined by modern sciences and they certified it as suitable for the annals of the Old Testament period. So, if the physical material and text of the script has been determined by science, then what is the significance of the Old Testament text, I would like to split it into two areas:

1. The "physical material" area: are the historical story, places and signs exist to this day. For example, the work transcends the Egyptian land of the Jews and several decades of migration to the promised land. This is a great historical evidence that, after generations, the Jews, though dispersed all over the world, preserve this history clearly and respectfully. These are living proofs of the perverted Jews who have spent the past several thousand years.

2. The "abstract and sacred" areas: If we recognize the existence of the Old Testament and the obviousness of historical evidence, then of course we must sincerely appreciate the abstract and sacred parts because they are closely related to the specific area and history mentioned above.

Perhaps the area in which most people criticize it is the first part of the Old Testament: "God created the universe and mankind." These passages are legendary, unexplainable by science today. I would like to present this simple reasoning: If we believe there is creation, then of course we understand that the Creator must be powerful, creating all species with perfect computation. He could of course pass on to Moses (who wrote the Bible) to write down the full scientific and technical details of all creation when he created it.

But what if Moses wants to write down? He would have to write down millions of pages of books that describe the scientific and technical formulas that he himself as well as the Jewish people are unable to understand and even today not many people understand… So, write down for what? I think that's why the Old Testament has legendary passages.

We believe in the Christ’s Resurrection because of our belief in the Creator and His Redemption program: The Old Testament cites the presence of the Creator as Almighty God, created and loved mankind. The Old Testament prophesied about Christ to redeem mankind.

The New Testament has proved the presence of Christ on this earth and He has experienced all the facts as the Old Testament prophesies: He suffered suffering, death and risen.

In addition to the apostles, a whole generation of Jews witnessed Christ. Jesus himself foretold the developments that He will have to go through. Therefore, the resurrection of the Almighty is easy to believe.

Summary: The core of our Catholicism is faith in the Creator and from the firm belief in Creator we easily believe in Christ and resurrection.

There are many people who do not believe in the Creator but I think it would be easier to believe than not to believe.

Now, at the age of 80, I find myself fortunate to have faith in religion to enjoy the joy and peace of life.

To conclude: I would like to tell you a story that happened in my family several years ago: My daughter gave birth to her first child, when she was a few months old, she became sick and cried every day, about 4:00 in the evening, the child screamed in a terrible voice, unable to coax, his mother had to hold her baby and comfort her for four or five hours, during this time, the whole family lived in an impatient tension but his mother still calmly endured no grumpiness or anger, the situation lasted for about two years every day. I contemplate the motherly love so much, so sacred that there are no words to describe this sacred motherhood. Is this mysterious? In life, there are many sacred, mysterious, unconcerned things about Religion that we still believe but cannot explain.

In the field of religion, in addition to studying and logic, we should make room for intuition.

For those who open to believe, it is easy to say, but for those who do not want to believe, to say is not easy.

Nguyen That-Khe

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