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Our lives belong to others as much as they belong to us…

We cannot heal every ill or solve every problem but we must to do what we can…

That love for one another really mater…

Above is from a prayer: Our Lady of Perpetual Help.


Below is from my Father and my own experience:

Live with the others. This is for people of same level (brothers, sisters, classmate, co-workers…)

Everyone has some degree of right and freedom depending on each one position. Therefore when we exercise our right and freedom, we should not overlap the right and freedom of other. Better yet, if we step back one step as a loser and try to extend our hand to others, happiness will come and overshadow all and all will be the winners.

Live for the others. (This is for people of high level (parents, teachers. Authorities both religious and temporal…)

If we are in these high level of people we must consciously aware of our duty toward the ones under our care. Parents must assume the top responsibility toward the children, especially when they are young. The duty of parents include sacrifice our own time and pleasure. This applies to all other high level of authorities, especially in the area of religious.

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