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Nuyen, Krystal. Love others, is it easy


During summer vacation, we, my sister and I, decided to spend the time usefully so instead of spending time in I-phone, we focused on researching and experiencing of life. I select this subject “Love others” and here is my little text. I invite my friends (and parents) to give me more input, please!

While in deep conversation with my grandfather, he told me a story that will forever serve as an example of true kindness to others.

He said: “If you travel to some poor countries and going in to some small provinces where there are still some old bridges with only one lane, you will experience a good delay at one end of the bridge waiting for the traffic from other end going thru. During the waiting time, you will see a lot of people from very young children to very old men and women approaching you thru the bus window, begging you to buy their stuff such as candies, ice cream, lottery tickets and etc…

One time, I was on a bus, experiencing the above situation, seeing all those people bothering me, I keep saying to them: No, no thank you, stop bothering me please and try to close the window…But just a few seconds later, I feel soften my heart, and instead of shooing them away and ignoring them I looked at them with love. It made me wonder what would have happened to my children and grandchildren if I had not escaped the war (we escaped from communist to USA in 1975). In those people, I saw my family. The old man could have been my father; the younger woman could have been my wife and all the young kids, my children and grandchildren. If I had not made it to America, would my family be in the same position? Begging for money. Selling candy on the street. I think that was what made me soften my heart, love them and help them. Normally, I would ignore them or no. This time I did not. Since then, I learn how to see other in a different prospect”.

Loving others does not come in material things. Yes, people can donate to the homeless or visit the sick and imprisoned, but the purpose behind one’s actions is far more important than how much money or clothes that they give. Loving others has to come from deep within. Someone does not have to donate large amounts of money to show that they care. Something as simple as picking up a piece of trash on the sidewalk is an action that shows one loves their community and the people that reside in it. Loving others means that someone cares or simply concerns for another person with their whole heart------with their whole being.Loving also means be honest to others, don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t cause harm or inconvenience to other…

Many find it easy to love the kind women down the street. Others find it easy to love the little boy that rides his bike around the neighborhood every day. But what about the people that are constantly putting us down? Is it possible to love our enemies and do good to those that mistreat us?

Loving others is not something that comes naturally to most people. It takes time to build friendship and trust. Sometimes people do not realize that there is good in every single living thing. Often times, those that make very poor choices are the ones that were deprived of love when they were young children. Love can heal wounds that cut deep and build up hearts that were once broken. Everyone should be cared for regardless of the decisions they have made throughout their life. Nobody deserves to be neglected or overlooked. Loving others is not easy, but it certainly is possible.

There is one small lesson that my parents told me to keep practicing daily is that when I feel intolerance toward someone, I would tell myself that “Krystal, you have not yet growing up. Build your own inner virtue then everything would follow”.

To my friends and family, please share your advice and experiences.

Krystal Nuyen

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