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Express our opinion relating to Abortion in the USA (Posted on Catholic World Report on 25 Jun 2021)

We are some regular, normal Catholics with large families, children, and grandchildren.

We are all concerned with the current situation in our top leaderships in US Church.

The current division among the top Leaderships indicates that there are different opinions and judgments among the Bishops.

Therefore, we are humble to express our opinion regarding the current issue of abortion as follows:

We would not take stance on the areas of catechism, Church laws, or Church teachings but we would express our opinion based on real-life experience.

Firstly, we would like to tell a story below:

There were two ladies in my hometown in Vietnam, the first one starts up an activity involving pregnant women: She visits pregnant women that seem to have problems. She gave them consolation and moral support and sometimes some physical help materially…

Off and on she picks up some girls on the street who escaped from the family (in our country, especially in the rural area, people hardly tolerate the pregnancy without marriage, the family and neighborhood criticize and condemn these girls and sometimes kick them out of the family. So, they have to run away and find a way to survive or end up kill themselves) and give them support materially, room and board, through the giving birth, but still, some of them decide to have an abortion. This is when the argument between the two lady owners started:

One said if any girl decides for the abortion then we must kick her out of the house and stop the help, but the other lady said that we have done our best to convince her to do the right thing, right way but if she chooses the abortion, that’s just between her and God, we should support her anyway (by giving the girl the financial help to go the right professional healthcare otherwise she will go to a witch doctor anyway and risk her life) We must understand and share her concern for choosing the abortion because she worries about her life after giving birth, who will help her and the baby after that. We must acknowledge and understand her dead-end situation.

We will do our best within our conscience and let God do the judgment.

Above is a summary of a story that we experience in actual life. However, there are many similar cases like this in life. And in our opinion, those two ladies are both right but in different aspects: One acts in her view of pure religion, and the other acts in her view of human love.

We have read the accusation of the Democrat's promotion of abortion. Our understanding of the term promotion is to invite, encourage, motivate people to go on with the action of abortion as a salesperson goes out on the street to sell a product.

Our understanding is that the Democrats do not promote any of the above activities. They are only giving supports to the people in need after the fact that they have chosen abortion.

The Democrat party tends to look up to the poor, the needy, and the immigrants more than any other party.

Look beyond religion into the social environment.

Abortion is a grave sin and must be stopped but how?

Supposed the government outlaw abortion, suppose there would be no more Democrat party, no more president Biden, would abortion disappear?

As Pope Francis recently stated: abortion is firstly a social matter.

Abortion exists not only in the USA but all around the world. A study shows that over 50% of abortion is due to the economy, the study also shows that in the USA, to raise a child thru teen-ages costs around 200,000 USD (only the poor people can feel this hardship).

Most people know that abortion is unconscientious but they choose to do it because they evaluate that to accept sins and spend a small amount of money for abortion procedure rather than worrying about a future of long many years of burden. However, for the non-religious people, which account for the majority, abortion is solely economy, therefore the economic matter is the issue to be concerned if we want to solve this social problem.

The economy unbalanced is the major cause of many social problems today in the world: Only a few percent of people own most of the fortune in the world. And unfortunately, they own the fortune by unjust measures.

The number of people gets killed in the world today is from many causes: Poverty, lack of nutrition and medication, war and gun, un-justice, corruption, etc. dead by abortion maybe just a small part but we hear it sound severe because it involved in politics.

We see things differently therefore we think differently in the area of morality and God's love. We understand God's love a simple way as we love and care for our children with flexibility when they are sick or healthy, strong or weak.

Quinn Nuyen,

Downey, California

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