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Response to the CWR: Election and Abortion.

It is so sad to see again, the subject comments from some US Bishops. The subject has emerged some decades ago and it was brought up by US bishops to Pope Benedict XVI and he answered: If someone vote for the Democrat not because of abortion but because of other reason that is good for the country then they can do so… (I don’t recall exact term he wrote).

This is just a basic judgment of morality and catechism so why some bishops had brought it up again. If the bishops do not teach in line with Church teaching then by what basic? by prejudice or by personal reasons, against someone or the whole Democrat party?

Please consider:

  1. The Democrat party has existed together with the Republic party, they both share the equal population and power in US history, which means we must recognize that they have some good value to have existed. For this reason, we must acknowledge the value of their existence.

  2. Abortion: As Catholics, we view abortion in our faith, we condemn killing a person with complete flesh and soul… However, we could not judge the same degree to a non-Catholic, in this case, the Democrat party or its members.

Furthermore, they are not the cause of abortion; they do not promote or encourage abortion. They just reach out to help the mothers in need.

As Pope Francis said (CWR January 10, 2021): Abortion is not primarily a religious matter but a scientific and human one (the social matter?) …

The consequence is now that some Catholics are losing faith in the church teaching.

Please take a moment to meditate and consider that our Church is now severely divided from the top. The Catholics are also divided.


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