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Denial of Sacraments to Politicians.

There have been many discussions about this subject already. Here I would like to express my opinion to the bishops of America in few points as follows:

  1. Evangelism is not by force. People practice it of their free will. To use force or any kind of threatening is not the church's teaching and surely it is not fit for today's world.

  2. An inappropriate decision in this matter by a bishop may result from severe consequences throughout society and for generations. Therefore, the subject should be given serious consideration by all bishops to establish a consistent direction. The opinion of the laities should be taken into consideration. Today's world is still very sensitive to the history of inquisition and totalitarianism.

  3. The president is for all American people. He just cannot rule America by Catholic doctrine. Evangelization is the duty of all Catholics. How could we impose the burden on the President? Supposedly the President has many good plans for the country besides pro-choice, should we disregard the benefits of the entire people of America?

  4. If this denial of sacraments would happen, in my opinion, it would set up the precedent for many policies in the future, not only in the USA but also in the world.

Nguyễn Thất-Khê

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