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America and discriminating chaos.

Discrimination is a hot topic in today's life, but where it has started?

Discrimination has roots in some characters, such as selfishness, pride, arrogance, jealousy…

It appears in different forms: we discriminate against others in their appearance, gesture, education, rich/poor… We discriminate against others within our blood, our neighbor, or all other skins…

Discrimination is just a part of today's social problems. Our society has lost balance for some decades, scientists have discovered many new things, in different areas of life and we now can see deeper into the universal and all the changes around our society, economy, medical, politics… All have been affected. The adventure of high-tech also helps understanding more on the religious area. We know more about the age of mankind, archeology and archaism help understand more on Bible language, etc… These new developments are also affected in our morality standard and explaining the Bible or doctrine and it caused the division among religions as we see today among the rightist and the leftist, conservative and aggressive… we are encountering today with the new wave of ideologies.

The educators, both in secular and in Religious, have been behind in catching up with the advance of scientists, therefore, leaving the world into confusions and disordered

The Internet has brought to us faster communication and widely throughout all corners of the world. People see clearer of society and at the same time we shared the many social problems, injustice, unbalance of economic distribution, therefore demanding social correction and adjustment, not necessarily as socialism.

The unbalance of social life, therefore, create tension in many people and they try to find a way to release the pressure by breaking, riot, and crime or locked-in with depression or choose to suicide.

People easily getting mad against anybody, anything, anytime and then reacting with breaking, shooting… and not just racial…

The true cause of discrimination may be from some kind of psychology of disappointments from today's lifestyles. The unbalance of our society has divided people from all races and classes, more gaps between Rightist and Leftist, conservatives and aggressive.

In America, discrimination is not new. It has started since the black slaves were transported into this land. Discrimination creates social problems, off and on, but it seems to be more serious recently.

In recent years, we observe so many types of social disorders. Besides problems in politics, we have seen discrimination among the Whites and other minority groups, first: A wave of criticism on the Mexican and some other groups from South America, with reasons that they are drug dealers, killers, criminal of all kinds, live on welfare and be the burden to this society…

In this wave of discrimination, the laws have been changed to eliminate those people to enter the US and to deport the ones who have lived here in the US for decades to their own countries.

Then, in early 2020, there was the condemnation of Chinese people as if they were the ones who carry the COVID-19 into the US country. That has resulted in discrimination against the Chinese who live in the USA. But then, today, it has become the wave of discrimination against all Asian people including Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese.

Supposed that America has no minority, what will happen: Who will do the works that the White American disliked. No more workers for farms, gardening, or all kinds of low-class labors and as in today's society, Americans are shrinking in population.

And looking into the world situation today where America is facing severe competition with foreign enemies in all areas: Economy, politic, and military: China has been so advanced in a short period, she has advanced many times faster than expected, that has surprised the free world and she is on her way to overshadow America in many areas. Not for too long!

You should spend a little more time on politics to see all these.

Conclusion: You cannot live alone yourself. You need all of us, all colors:

- Your White population has been shrinking.

- At least, you need some labors for the work that you don't want to do.

- Love each other is the character of a person with dignity and personality.

- Hatred is the character of people with narrow-minded and selfish.

- This country, of Milk and Honey, was not made just for you, the Whites. Your fathers were welcomed by the Indians at the beginning.

- American leaders should use your conscience to guide your action and languages with dignity for the sake of the country. You have stirred up the people into division, you could redo the same to unite all of us. It is ashamed that some catholic Bishops have been involved in politics in an overacted manner (beyond voting guidance of Pope Benedict 16), this scattered teaching adds nothing but only fuels the division of people.

We must make effort to overcome our hatred, our differences and to join hands to fight our giant external foreign enemies who are coming next to our door now. To fight against these foreign enemies, we need all hands, not one person nor one group could fight alone.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Quinn Nuyen

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