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Abortion: Condemnation within Divine Mercy.

There have been many debates in the subject of Abortion but no solution had satisfied at least the majority of the population. Most debates are purely on the condemnation.

In my view, we should separate into 2 different concepts:

  1. Abortion involves the killing of a human being.

  2. Abortion involves the right of the mother.

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  1. Abortion involves the killing of a human being. Needless to say, this is an act of immorality, a grave sin. Deserved no pity (except there may be some consideration to determine the cause or the stage in which the fetus becomes human).

  2. Abortion involves the right of the mother-to-be.

  • mother is the active part of the case. These mothers deserve our respect but in reality, they have no voice except receiving a penalty, we put them to Jail (society) and to Hell (Catholic).

  • of them are just victims and in many cases, victims of our un-balance and corrupted society. There are many causes that push the mothers into the act of abortion but I want to focus only on the area of financial burden where the mothers cannot plan for raising the child for a long period.

  • the mother may be a young teen, being raped or already having too many children or knowing that the future baby would be congenital…

  • society has no or very little support for them, the riches and the high-class society look down on them except condemnation and ex-communication.

  • must come down to their level to see and to live among them to understand and to feel the burden they encounter in daily life and to experience the real mother-love. Many mothers quite their job and staying home, in poverty, to take care of her baby, day and night and years. Those moms no longer have any dream of an easy life…

  • point of view may be different because I belong to the class of poverty in most parts of my life, I have a big family, I experienced hunger, I live among the poor, uneducated people, I share their views and difficulties…

  • as a parent of many children, I love and share the God Mercy to my children, I pray that You, who only know to condemn, come down to live with us and understand what you should do.

  • 2019

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